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On behalf of our entire team, Welcome to Advantage Hospice Care

We appreciate the opportunity to help your family and loved one through this journey. During your first 5 days in hospice care, multiple disciplines from nurses to chaplain to social worker will be visiting to perform the Medicare required assessments to begin service.

Our hospice mission is to ensure your loved one is able to live with dignity and comfort as we strive to manage any pain and symptoms as part of the disease process. Our goal is to keep your loved one comfortable and you informed so you are not surprised with upcoming changes. Therefore, we have put in place several educational resources below for you. Each is a short 5–15-minute video from various sources that will guide you through signs and symptoms of end of life. The more aware you are, the better prepared you will be.

5 Things You Should Know When Someone is Actively Dying:

How are the last days before death like? | Signs of approaching death:

What Dying Looks Like During Final Days of Life:

These free video tutorials have been created to assist families and caregivers to quickly learn caregiving techniques for bed-bound patients. Source: Odonata Care LLC 

Moving a Patient Up in Bed with a One Person Assist

Positioning for Comfort:
To Lie on the Back

Moving a Patient Up in Bed with a Two Person Assist

Changing an Absorbent Brief for a Bed Bound Patient

Positioning for Comfort to
Lie on the Side

Transfer a Patient from
Bed into a Wheelchair

Position to Lying from Sitting
at the Edge of the Bed

Placing a Turn or Drawsheet
Under a Patient

Oral Care, Secretions, Hydration, and Nutrition for Hospice Patients

Medication Management: Organization and Administration

Bed Bath

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